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Our advantage – anticipating problems down the road in order to keep projects on track.

As design-build contractors, we partner with clients from the very beginning, enabling us to anticipate and account for challenges right until the very end. We partner with our clients at the idea stage to discuss their goals and objectives for the project. This enables us to project final design-build costs and timelines with a level of certainty that far surpasses industry standard. Our unique integrative project delivery process informs and guides the efforts of our clients, and the teams working on their behalf, toward success.

We developed this approach because we know that creating a high level of predictability for timelines, quality and costs means everything to our clients. They don’t need surprises along the way, and when we can anticipate issues and resolve them before they effect the project’s promised deliverables, that builds trust with our process…and ultimately trust with our organization.

That’s predictability. And that’s what makes J.B. Donaldson the choice for your next project.

The J.B. Donaldson process enables our clients to:

1) Move in sooner. J. B Donaldson completes projects 30% faster than competitors. We accomplish this through our highly effective processes developed over nearly 100 years of industry experience.

2) Finish on budget. Our team is especially skilled at creating hyper-accurate projections. By getting us involved early in the process, our clients benefit from our ability to effectively estimate and adhere to the budget.

3) Enjoy the benefits. The expertise we provide early on results in the outcomes clients desire in the end. We take great pride in helping our clients get the most out of their investment by helping them choose options that best meet their business objectives; thereby helping them avoid unnecessary costs so they get more of what they want in your building.