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A Hundred Year History of Exceeding Expectations

In the medical industry, J.B. Donaldson is at the forefront of designing and constructing facilities that meet the highest standards of healthcare delivery. Our designs integrate the functional requirements of medical facilities with the human needs of its users, from patients and their families to medical staff. We understand the importance of creating environments that promote healing and well-being.

Our projects in the medical sector range from clinics to large hospitals, each tailored to provide the best care in the most efficient manner. At J.B. Donaldson, we ensure that every medical facility we build is a space where care, comfort, and technology converge to support health and healing.

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The Donaldson Advantage

Experience the Donaldson Advantage – faster project completion, precise budget adherence, and tailored solutions that align with your business objectives. We turn your investment into value-driven results. Our strategic approach enables our clients to:

Move in Sooner

J.B. Donaldson completes projects 30% faster than competitors. We accomplish this through our highly effective processes developed over nearly 100 years of industry experience.

Finish on Budget

Our team is especially skilled at creating hyper-accurate projections. By getting us involved early in the process, our clients benefit from our ability to effectively estimate and adhere to the budget.

Enjoy the Benefits

The expertise we provide early on leads to the desired outcomes for clients, helping them maximize their investments and avoid unnecessary costs and achieving their building goals.

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