HTI Cybernetics

Specialized automated and robotic welding for industrial applications.

Project Scope

161,000 sq ft shop area/22,000 sq ft 2 story office

Architect Name

Krieger Klatt

Site Location

Sterling Park, Sterling Heights, MI 48313

Project Details:

HTI Cybernetics: Specialized Robotic and Automated Welding Solutions

Elevate Your Manufacturing with Precision and Efficiency

At J.B. Donaldson, we proudly present one of our latest collaborations with Chalk Spade Investments – HTI Cybernetics – a project that stands at the forefront of industrial innovation. HTI Cybernetics has set a new benchmark in robotic and automated welding, tailored specifically for the most demanding industrial applications.

Project Overview

~ Location: Sterling Park, Sterling Heights, MI 48313
~ Facility Size: 161,000 sq ft Shop Area & 22,000 sq ft Two-Story Office
~ Developed by: J.B. Donaldson
~ Architectural Excellence by: Krieger Klatt

JBD Comprehensive Services:

~ Pre-development
~ Permitting
~ Design
~ Construction

Crafted for excellence, HTI Cybernetics’ expansive facility is a hub of futuristic engineering, where precision meets productivity. We delivered a space equipped with cutting-edge technology for automated and robotic welding processes that promise repeatability, speed, and unmatched accuracy.

Secure the best-in-class technology for your company. HTI Cybernetic’s state-of-the-art facility reflects our commitment to delivering a superior product that streamlines your operations.

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