Lincoln Yard

Full-Service Restaurant and Bar

Project Scope

15,000 sq ft

Architect Name

Kreiger Klatt

Site Location

2159 E Lincoln St, Birmingham, MI

Project Details:

Discover Innovative Restaurant & Retail Spaces with J.B. Donaldson

J.B. Donaldson is proud to unveil the latest gem in commercial development – the Lincoln Yard. A full-service restaurant and bar spanning an impressive 15,000 sq ft has just been completed for our esteemed client, Union Joints. Designed by the renowned Kreiger Klatt Architects and situated at the prime location of 2159 E. Lincoln St, Birmingham, MI, this development epitomizes urban innovation at its best.

Unparalleled Expertise in Development:

When you choose J.B. Donaldson, you’re not just selecting a developer; you’re partnering with a visionary team dedicated to bringing sustainable and state-of-the-art design to the commercial real estate market. Our comprehensive services have been meticulously tailored to ensure every need is met from permits to construction, all the way through to commissioning.

JBD Services – The Foundation of Success:

Leveraging decades of industry expertise, our full suite of services promises seamless transitions at every phase. Our services included:

• Permit Acquisition: Navigating the complexities of legal requirements with finesse.
• Construction Management: Overseeing every detail of the development process with precision and care.
• Commissioning: Ensuring that every facility function met our rigorous standards for quality.

Sustainable Development Meets Urban Chic:

At J.B. Donaldson, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it is a commitment reflected in every project we undertake. The Lincoln Yard project is just a testament to how we successfully blend eco-friendly practices with chic urban designs that captivate and inspire.

Investment Opportunities that Lead to Growth:

Imagine your business thriving in a space that has been forged by a developer synonymous with excellence. Investors, CEOs, and forward-thinking companies who demand nothing, but the best seek out J.B. Donaldson for their reputation in mastering the language of commercial real estate success.

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