Orotex Corporation

Automotive manufacturer and supplier of rubber vibration reduction material and soundproofing products.

Project Scope

60,000 sq ft expansion

Architect Name

Detroit Architectural Group

Site Location

22475 Venture Dr., Novi, MI 48375

Project Details:

Orotex Corporation Commercial Expansion Developed by J.B. Donaldson

Transforming Industry with Space to Innovate

Leveraging our expertise at J.B. Donaldson, this project marks a significant development for Orotex Corporation, a premier manufacturer and supplier in the automotive sector, specializing in rubber vibration reduction materials and soundproofing products.

Project Highlights:

Client: Orotex Corporation, a renowned name in automotive excellence.

Project Scope: Ambitious 60,000 sq ft expansion to house cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Lead Architect: Crafted by the visionary Detroit Architectural Group.

Prime Location: Set in the burgeoning industrial hub at 22475 Venture Dr., Novi, MI 48375.

JBD Signature Services: An all-encompassing suite from permitting and entitlements to pre-development, design, and stellar construction services.

This strategic expansion signifies not just growth but an evolution – a tailor-made environment where efficiency meets sophistication.

Join the Industrial Evolution with J.B. Donaldson

Our alliance with Orotex Corporation is more than a project; it’s a landmark of progress. With unmatched expertise in guiding a project from concept through completion, J.B. Donaldson stands as a paragon of excellence in commercial development.

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