Underwood Fire

Project Scope

38,000 sqft

Architect Name

Faudie Architecture Inc.

Site Location

48216 Frank St, Wixom MI 48393

Project Details:

Custom Commercial Development & Industrial Design Services by J. B. Donaldson

With J. B. Donaldson, robust design meets unrivaled build quality in the heart of Michigan. Catering to the precise needs of Business Owners, Project Managers, and Architects, we lay the foundation for your success with our premium commercial development and construction services.

We’re not just builders; we’re creators of spaces that empower businesses just like yours. Our collaboration with Underwood Fire on an expansive 38,000 sqft project, crafted by the acclaimed Faudie Architecture Inc., is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

48216 Frank St, Wixom, MI 48393

From Vision to Reality – Comprehensive Services:

Entitlements: We navigated the complexities of legal rights and permissions to ensure their project proceeded without hindrance.

Predevelopment: Our strategic planning set the stage for flawless execution, tailoring their business objectives.

Construction Services: Rooted in precision and industry-leading standards, our build approach translated into spaces that are as durable as they are dynamic.

Maximize your project’s potential by partnering with a company that’s been constructing the backbone for Michigan’s industrial and commercial sectors.

Embark on a journey with J. B. Donaldson and watch as we bring your commercial space to life with unmatched expertise and passion.

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