Wolverine Packing Plant

Meat Packing Facility

Project Scope

18,000 sq ft office/warehouse addition/6,000 sq ft interior renovations

Architect Name

Gillett Associates

Site Location

2535 Rivard St., Detroit, MI 48207

Project Details:

Envision a transformative space where commerce and innovation intersect, heralding a new chapter for Detroit’s industrious spirit.

J.B. Donaldson Company was the developer of this expansive and dynamic industrial development project, the latest addition to the Wolverine Packing Co., their Meat Packing Facility.

As you approach the site at 2535 Rivard St.in Detroit, spanning 18,000 square feet, the office and warehouse bring a synthesis of functionality and cutting-edge design, meticulously laid out by the visionary minds at Gillett Associates.

J.B. Donaldson’s services paved the way for this project from the earliest pre-development stages, navigating through complex permitting paths and executing sleek interior design choices, managing the complete project.

This is where the Wolverine Packing Co. meets the future—fortified by tradition but thrust forward by innovation in one of Michigan’s most storied cities.

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