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Though every project is unique, our process is the same. And that makes all the difference.

It’s not luck that our projects consistently beat industry norms for delivering on-time and on-budget…it’s the plan at J.B. Donaldson. Our team diffuses issues gained from experience that may otherwise derail projects down the road by managing the risks early. We are able to do this primarily for two reasons. First, we are design-build contractors. This means we participate in guiding our clients through every step of the design and construction process. Though this may sound intuitive, it is actually the exception many projects are completed with multiple players work from different perspectives with differing, and often conflicting, motivations.

For example, clients who work with designers first, then engage with builders second run a high likelihood that one or both parties may be creating problems that the other may have to adjust to in order to resolve them. This can happen again and again as the project moves through each stage, adding time and money along the way.

J.B. Donaldson’s process is as follows: