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A Hundred Year History of Exceeding Expectations


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We partner with clients from the beginning so we can account for challenges right through to the end. At J.B. Donaldson, our client’s vision is our signature of success, and we take great personal responsibility in delivering on that promise.

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J.B. Donaldson is a premium design-build contractor with a unique process that keeps projects on time and on budget. Through 20 years of building in a wide range of industries, we have developed an exceptional ability and expertise to help our clients successfully navigate each aspect of the project. This provides a high level of predictability. Predictability in quality. Predictability in schedules. And predictability in cost. This unique ability is the foundation of everything we do – and is the reason our clients come back to us again and again, and recommend us to others.

Many clients choose to engage with us much sooner in the building process than a typical construction company. This enables us to achieve a high level of certainty that far surpasses industry standards. We have developed a unique collaborative process that guides the efforts of our clients, and our design teams, toward success.

This process is hard-wired into every project, enabling us to predict total project costs and timelines with unprecedented accuracy. This accuracy can many times be established during our initial discussions with our clients.

That’s predictability. And that’s one of the many benefits of working with J.B. Donaldson.

Four generations of leadership in design and construction

A Hundred Year History of Exceeding Expectations

J.B. Donaldson has built a legacy of excellence in the design and build industry. In 1910, Donaldson Lumber Company was founded by Bennett William Donaldson. Following in his footsteps, son John Bennett Donaldson Sr., and then grandson, John Bennett Donaldson Jr. each made their living in the lumber and construction business in Michigan. Close to 100 years later, great grandson John Bennett Donaldson III leads J.B. Donaldson Company, a premium commercial development and construction firm that delivers a quality project at a great value to clients.

J.B. Donaldson’s goal is to fulfill the needs of its clients on every construction project by providing creative designs, practical solutions and innovative ideas for all construction needs. J.B. Donaldson takes pride in working collaboratively in partnership with its clients and looks forward to establishing the same rapport with our future clients.

Our Services

Services Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

We specialize in design-build projects, and offer a range of services to meet each client’s specific needs. J.B. Donaldson Company has been providing construction services to a vastly diverse client base. J.B. Donaldson’s strengths reside in its ability to interpret a client’s vision and execute that vision on all levels of accountability. J.B. Donaldson performs construction services in multiple market sectors; industrial, medical, retail and multi-family projects.

The organization reflects its diverse 100-year family history in construction and development. J.B. Donaldson currently employs 25 seasoned construction professionals from project managers, superintendents, project engineers, designer and administrators to ensure the realization of our client’s vision. Our organization’s drive to deliver on that promise has propelled J.B. Donaldson to annual sales volume of more than $80 million.


Our Design-Build project delivery system combines architectural, civil, entitlement and construction services all within one contractual agreement. We work closely with leadership to ensure transparent budget forecasting and a billing system that won’t take a client’s time or energy away from managing their firms operations.

Using this project delivery method a client can have as much or as little involvement in the process as they desire. The turnkey approach is a great option for busy clients that want to spend more time on their business and less time worrying about the construction process. J.B. Donaldson Company is the single point of accountability throughout all phases of a project, which greatly increases predictability and reduces an owner’s financial risk.


J.B. Donaldson Company has the experience and resources to be your one-stop, full service real estate solution. We are equipped to acquire land, procure entitlements, and build on property for our clients, both build-to-suit and pre specified buildings. With any of these scenarios, we allow our clients to focus on their businesses while we focus on the real estate.

General Contracting

This option allows a client to design a project with an architect of their choosing. Once a design is complete, J.B. Donaldson Company will utilize our expertise to establish the budget, set a schedule and submit a lump sum proposal to the client.

Upon full execution of a contract, J.B. Donaldson Company will manage the construction process, adhering to stipulated budget and scheduling milestones. J.B. Donaldson can also assist the architect and client in procuring entitlements.

Construction Management

The Construction Management approach gives a client ultimate flexibility and control over budgets and schedules. Clients are involved throughout the project design process and tracking the budget. Unlike the General Contract delivery method where a client hires an architect and engineer for designing and developing a site, J.B. Donaldson assists the architect and client in the construction design from start to finish. Throughout the design process, J.B. Donaldson is providing estimating and scheduling input.

In a construction managed scenario, trade costs are open for client review, as well as the subcontractor selection process. There are several advantages to this arrangement including: speedier completion of construction because bidding and building can progress as design and budget goals are met; changes to the design and budget can be made as the process moves forward, and design decisions can be paired with budget and schedule impacts.

Pre-Construction Services

Many times, prior to being awarded a construction project, a client will hire J.B. Donaldson for pre-construction services. These services include site feasibility studies, cost estimating, value engineering, scheduling, subcontractor qualification. entitlement procurement, and site plan approval.

Whether we are hired as a General Contractor, Construction Manager or for pre-construction services, J.B. Donaldson Company can assist a client in developing a construction solution that best fits their needs.


Meet the J.B. Donaldson Team

Our clients are comforted knowing we have a long history of handling every imaginable challenge.

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