FCA Metalsa

Project Scope

160,000 sq ft Warehouse/3,000 sq ft Office

Architect Name


Site Location

40117 Mitchell Dr, Sterling Heights, MI 48313

Project Details:

We were honored to execute this commercial development for Chalk Spade Investments / FCA Metalsa.

Location: 40117 Mitchell Dr, Sterling Heights, MI 48313

📐Scope: A massive 160,000 sq ft warehouse with an additional 3,000 sq ft office space.

Designed by the acclaimed architects at NSA, this project is set to be a cornerstone of innovation and practical design.

Our comprehensive services provided for this project include:

Construction Services

In line with our commitment to excellence, the project was equipped with the latest in sustainable building technology. The successful completion of the Chalk Spade Investments/FCA Metalsa commercial venture stands as a testament to our team’s expertise in delivering projects that embody functionality, innovation, and design sophistication.

We are poised to continue setting industry benchmarks and look forward to embarking on future projects that reflect our values of quality, sustainability, and client satisfaction.

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