Summit Place Kia – Auburn Hills

Kia auto dealership

Project Scope

25,000 sq ft galleria dealership

Architect Name

Gillett Associates

Site Location

4200 Interpark Dr., Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Project Details:

Experience the Future of Auto Retail

Welcome to Summit Place Kia, where luxury meets functionality in the heart of Auburn Hills. Designed by J.B. Donaldson in collaboration with Gillett Associates, this 25,000 sq ft Galleria-style dealership redefines the standards of commercial infrastructure.

Harnessing Innovative Design

Crafted with precision and a dedication to the surrounding area, Summit Place Kia sets a new benchmark for auto retailer developments. J.B. Donaldson has seamlessly integrated PUD improvements and cutting-edge methane mitigation techniques, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

Strategic Location for Premier Service

Conveniently situated at 4200 Interpark Dr., Auburn Hills, MI 48326, the Summit Place Kia dealership is poised to deliver exceptional service and accessibility. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond sales; they redefine the buying experience with an ambiance that speaks volumes about their dedication to customer satisfaction and ecological consciousness.

Our Services

At J.B. Donaldson, our comprehensive range of services provided to Summit Place Properties, LLC – led by the visionary Gillett Associates – includes:

~ Planning Unit Development (PUD) improvements
~ Due Care Plans for landfills
~ Methane Mitigation Systems
~ Expert Permitting and Pre-Development Guidance
~ Management of Entitlements
~ Overseeing Construction to ensure quality and compliance

Commitment to Community and Environment

The Summit Place Kia project is more than just a dealership; it is a statement of J.B. Donaldson’s commitment to creating spaces that enhance community well-being and environmental stewardship. We believe in developments that give back to the planet and set precedents for future projects.

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